General Dentistry

At Ocean Dental we strive daily to maintain exceptional standards in dentistry and customer care so whether it’s your regular check-up or more complex cosmetic or specialist dentistry, we’ll guarantee to provide a first-class dental service.

Your First Dental Examination

Your first examination may include:

  • Tooth check for cavities, fractured teeth, cracked teeth, broken fillings and other tooth problems
  • Gum Check to check for gum disease and assess your tooth cleaning
  • Clinical photographs
  • X-Ray – as necessary to detect cavities, abscesses, gum problems and other unseen problems
  • Jaw Joint Assessment to check for any problems to do with your jaw joints and muscles
  • Bite Assessment to check for any problems in how your teeth meet and slide around
  • Tooth Wear caused by grinding, over-brushing or too much acid in your mouth
  • Mouth Dryness
  • Mouth Cancer Check

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