Olivia Elwell


Olivia graduated with Distinction from the University of Liverpool, receiving a Bachelor of Dental Surgery. She has since practised in Newcastle, and received an extra training qualification from the North East NHS Deanery.

Olivia has also completed a post-graduate course at the Dominic Hall Training Institute, advancing her skills at cosmetic restorations. Her passion lies in conservative and non-destructive dentistry, endeavouring to use the most advanced dental science and materials. She ensures her restorations do not compromise teeth, and allows her patients to maintain their natural teeth for as long as possible.

Olivia understands that a smile is more than just teeth and gums. It is how we communicate and interact with each other, and to some can be a cause of low self-esteem. She finds it extremely rewarding to provide treatment, which allows patients to leave the surgery smiling confidently.

Olivia believes that prevention is better than a cure, and of the power of education. Her patients are tailored a personal oral hygiene lesson. They are also prescribed any necessary adjuncts, and advised on the best equipment and techniques to allow them to achieve healthy teeth and gums at home

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