Dental imperfections are common, but even the slightest crooked tooth or a little discolouration can have a negative effect on your mental wellbeing. You always want to look your best, right? With a quick and simple cosmetic dentistry treatment you can do away with imperfections and that feeling of being self-conscious whenever you smile.

A veneer is a small mask that fits perfectly over a tooth to hide away anything you are not happy with. It’s designed to blend in perfectly with the rest of your teeth, and the hard-wearing porcelain will last for plenty of time if you look after it well enough.

Bear in mind that a veneer doesn’t fix any problems, so we would never recommend it for structural damage. But our dentists will give your defect a thorough look and advise on if a veneer is the best course of action. For the most part, if a chip or a crack or a discolouration isn’t posing any potential bigger problems then masking it with a veneer will be absolutely fine. 

So how does the treatment actually work? Well after a detailed chat with your dentist, they will measure the tooth that will be masked and kick off the process of actually building the veneer.

This will take some time, but the dentist will also prepare the tooth so that fitting the veneer when it comes is as straightforward as possible. This might involve removing some of the enamel so the dental adhesive is effective.

Once the veneer has been created, you will be invited back for the second half of the treatment. This is a simple process of fastening to the veneer to the tooth using adhesive. It’s quick, painless, and comfortable. With the veneer matching the colour of the rest of your teeth, you won’t even notice the difference. And neither will anyone else.

Ocean Dental’s veneers are stain resistant, durable and completely natural-looking. The casual onlooker would never know anything had been done. In just two quick sessions Ocean Dental will have masked a defective tooth and rebuilt your confidence to laugh, smile, and enjoy your life the way you deserve.  

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Porcelain Veneers from £595

Composite Veneer from £395

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“œVeeners gave me a whole new smile and increased my confidence”.

Sarah P. 2016

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